Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the recording of daily financial transactions. Fra Luca Pacioli was the inventor of double-entry bookkeeping, which is the foundation of bookkeeping process since the 15th century. Nowadays, bookkeeping became a complex process and it’s a key component to building a strong business foundation.

Proper bookkeeping has numerous advantages:

  • Helps the owner/senior management plan and predict the future, making the right business decision. Having all financial data recorded accurately and on time, provides the real financial situation. As an example: knowing how much cash is on hand at any given time, or how much inventory to run the business.
  • Secures investors and bank relationship. Keeping detail financial records, reflects well on owner/senior management and increases investors’s trust
  • Secures internal control. A good bookkeeping system can help monitor operating performance and identify any overspending, so the owner/senior management knows where cost must be cut to ensure the business remains viable and profitable.
  • Compliance with the Law. Being up to date with legal changes, keeps the business out of trouble
  • Better tax prediction
  • Stress free audits

As a business owner/senior management I’m sure you would like to check all the above as completed. I can help you manage the bookkeeping process in a functional and affordable way by:

  • Managing receipts and invoices from your suppliers and vendors to ensure that Account Payable account is up to date and the payments are made on time
  • Managing customer invoices creation to ensure Accounts Receivable account is accurate
  • Preparing monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Managing Payroll records and source deduction remittance to CRA
  • Recording Credit Card transactions and reconciliation to the credit card statement
  • Recording the month end accrual, adjusting entries, and any miscellaneous transactions as they occur

We’ll provide you with a customized list of information required in order for me to complete your company’s bookkeeping, during our first consultation meeting.