Accounting is the language of business

You, as a small or large business owner will be able to make the best business decision when you understand accounting.

Accounting is like life, everything must be balanced.

If you are asking what accounting really does, the simple answer is: Accounting analyzes the financial information provided by the bookkeeper, compile them in financial statements reports, and further communicate the info to the relevant authorities.

    A detailed financial report usually includes the following components:

  • Balance Sheet: describes the overall value of your company and is structured in three main categories
    • The value of the company’s assets
    • The value of the company’s liabilities
    • The value of the shareholder’s equity such as your investments into the company, stocks
  • Income Statement: reports the company’s financial performance over a specific accounting period ( the fiscal year) and focuses primarily on revenue and expense, gain and loss. P&L is the engine of each business.
  • Cash Flow Statement: reports the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving the company. This report measure how well the company generates the cash to pay its debt obligations and fund its operating expenses.

Financial reporting is an important tool to help you make better business decisions.

We can provide you with personalized care and expert advice that will exceed your expectations for financial statement presentation and reporting.